Building Permit Approved!

On January 30, 2013, the City of Vancouver finally approved Tonari Gumi’s building permit for the renovations at its new building on 42 West 8th Ave in Vancouver. Now the renovation work can start in earnest with mid-June, 2013 as the goal for completion of the work to create a “home away from home” for our seniors and those needing assistance in the community.

To date, as can be seen from the pictures, work is underway to clear the way for the new interior to be built and to complete the seismic upgrades required by the City. The building is very solid, but since it was constructed, the City’s regulations regarding seismic stability have been upgraded many times. The work being done to install a new elevator, to better bind the floors to the walls and to strengthen the beams will ensure that our new “home” will be safe and accessible to everyone. Upstairs the space is being cleared for our new library and office.

We’re excited that the work will be proceeding more rapidly from now on. We hope to be able to organize a tour for those interested after our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, Feb. 23, please attend.

As for our funding, following our major grant from the federal government on Jan. 17, donations have continued to arrive, bringing us closer to our goals. Those wishing to donate may do so by clicking here to obtain donation forms and/or to donate on-line.