5 New Directors Elected at AGM

On Saturday, February 23, 2013, Tonari Gumi held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) with nearly 40 people in attendance. Eight individuals were elected to the Board of Directors, five of whom are brand new to the Tonari Gumi Board. The brand new directors are Derek Imai, Chuichi (Chris) Nakahori, Michael Sakamoto, Kiyoko Takeuchi and Haru Watanabe.

These five individuals come with a broad range of experience and have agreed to work together with the other members of the Board of Tonari Gumi to help Tonari Gumi to fulfill its roll in assisting Japanese Canadian seniors and strengthening the community. Also re-elected to another term as directors were Heidi Hamano, Joanne Kuroyama and Leslay Fugeta. All eight of these individuals will join with seven others already on the Board and not up for election. In total there will be 15 members on the Tonari Gumi Board of Directors for the 2013-2014 term.

Immediately following the AGM, the newly constituted Board of Directors met and elected a new executive to lead Tonari Gumi for the coming year. Elected as Chair, Joji Kumagai; as Vice-Chair, Heidi Hamano; as Treasurer, Leslay Fugeta; and as Secretary, KC Sato.

More details on each of the directors and the executive can be found in the “About” section of our website.

We congratulate the newly elected members of the Tonari Gumi Board of Directors and commend them for their willingness to serve the community. (All photos courtesy of Tatum Wulff)

Group photo of those in attendance for Tonari Gumi's 2013 AGM.


Newly formed Tonari Gumi Board of Directors for 2013-14. (Absent Kozue Matsumoto)